5 reasons to use the Apple SD adapter.

Tip Tuesday

Admittedly I am an apple fanboy.  As the years have gone by I am more and more infatuated with iOS.  This reasonably priced adapter has saved me time and money every time it's used.  I could say its priceless!

  1. Backup - One memory card has ever gone bad on me.  It only takes once.  I packed up after a shoot and through the stuff in my trunk.  Unfortunately it was an 100 degree summer day and the card melted.  Thankfully the client understood, because they had just done the same thing with a brand new laptop.  Not all clients will be this understanding.  The adapter enables me to upload the raw photos to my iPhone for immediate backup.
  2. Immediate client viewing - When used at a wedding the mothers of the bride and groom get to see their babies in a new light.  If you have never experienced the sheer joy and tearful moment of appreciation from a mother, you haven't lived.
  3. Slide show - One way to set yourself apart from other photographers is to create a slide show to show as you are shooting an event.  Especially for a wedding you will make a friend for life if you showcase the coordinators and decorators hard work.  Guest and clients love to see things they missed due to nerves or responsibility.
  4. Culling - After the shoot is finished and the equipment is packed away, there is drive time.  If you are shooting with a group or aren't the one driving, you can start to cull on your phone or tablet.  With the introduction of Lightroom CC I can upload and provides another backup.
  5. Editing on iPad Pro - There is a special feeling you get when you are editing with the Apple Pencil and your finger.  The iPad Pro 12.9' is close to an 11x14 photo in size.  You get an immediate idea of how the picture would look to the client.

This adapter enables a solid workflow.  The Apple SD adapter is priceless and is an integral piece of my kit.  I am sure there are adapters for android and other devices, but for me the iOS devices are the quickest path to the finished product.  The surface pro 4 is catching my eye. until that day it is all about the Apple SD adapter.