Create a calm wedding environment.

Tip Tuesday

It is the photographers job to create a calm wedding day.  This is a process that starts from the first consultation.

A calm wedding day is priceless to you and your client.

  • This process starts at the first consultation. - The potential client needs to see that you are capable and structured.  This is one of the biggest days in a couples life, definitely one of the most expensive and you can't be unorganized and all over the place.  You must give them confidence in your ability and vision.
  • Communication is key to every relationship. - Strive to create touch base meetings.  There are many variables that will arise between the date the contract is signed and the actual date of the wedding.  The clearer the communication the less stressful an inevitable complication will become.
  • Shot lists are a high priority. - Weddings are one of those events people come to that you haven't seen in a while.  You need to know who the couple must get a picture of, and with.  You should not add to the stress of the day  by running around trying to ask the couple who needs to be photographed.  Let the couple designate a point of contact to make sue the list is captured.
  • Mini shoot for the bride. - She will be fullBride of emotions.   I have yet to hear a bride say, "I don't want to".  Always surprise the bride with a mini session.  This is her special day and this quick portrait session will be something she will always remember.  It also puts her at ease.  You will have that added benefit of having all the mothers crying when they see how beautiful their daughter/daughter-in-law looks.
  • Parents will be parents. - You clients may be the parents, but the focus is on the bride and groom.  Try to facilitate the needs of everyone.  The bride and groom are the main concern.  A mother and father will be ecstatic if their child is happy.

A wedding is a joyous occasion.   Stick to the plan.  No matter how unplanned things go, your secondary mission is to help the bride and groom enjoy the day.