How to Charge for a Wedding

Tip Tuesday

I am often asked by clients how do I come up with my wedding pricing.  Here is my simple formula, that is easy to understand.

  • The first step of deciding how to price your wedding services is to set your basic event pricing.  There is no magic to this.  Find out what your area is charging and set your pricing based on your skill level.  There are clients for every skill level.
  • Once that pricing is set then calculate the hours you will be spending capturing the day.  $100.00 per hour in my area.

Hourly break down:

  1. Consultation - 1 hour
  2. Bridal party getting ready - 2 hours
  3. Groom party getting ready - 1 hour
  4. Wedding ceremony  - .5 hour
  5. Wedding party pictures - 1 hour
  6. Bride and groom pictures - 1 hour
  7. Reception pictures - 3 hours
  8. Culling (flagging and rejecting pictures) - 2 hours
  9. Editing - 3 hours
  10. Wedding album creation - 2 hours
  11. Delivering wedding album and photography files - 1 hour
  • this basic pricing break down would total $1750.00 (in my area), and does not include the price of the wedding album or any prints.
  • When you can give a client a break down of your time, you no longer need to justify your pricing.

This all changes as you start to provide specialized services and you start to find your market.  Brides and groooms have no issue paying for what they see value in, so show them the value of your work by giving them an itemized time sheet.  Weddings are a high stress day for the photogaraper as well as the bride and groom.