New Camera


Tip Tuesday:

As you all know I am an Olympus OM-D user and lover.  I have bought into the micro 4/3 world.

Enter the GX85

After careful consideration and price hunting, I found the perfect camera.  The GX86 is a photo centered camera that also captures video in 4k.  The beauty of this  camera is its holiday bundle pricing.  The body, 2 o.i.s. lenses (12-32mm. and a 45-150mm) are on sale for $499.99.  This bundle is normally priced at 999.99.  This was a must have for $500.00 off.

We are proud Olympus OM-D E-M5 markii owners.  The micro 4/3 line of photography is liberating.  I can fit 2 cameras, 3 lenses, a flash and an iPad.  Try that with a dslr, and not have a bag that is the size of carry on luggage.  Although, when you shoot Micro 4/3 you are able to fit this in a ThinkTank bag.  Ready for any situation.    The bag fits everything you need.

The GX85 has in body stabilization and 4k video.  Everything else is icing on the cake.  16 megapixel sensor is plenty in this world of 40 megapixel full frame sensors.  The camera has a 1/4000 shutter and is capable of iso 25600.  This is a camera capable of producing pro quality photos.  I often print files at 13x19 inches and larger and have no issues with these sensors.   The auto-focus with the kit lenses is fast, but with the 25mm it's blazing.  I tend to shoot static subjects, but this camera would keep up with 5 year old's at a birthday party.

The GX85 could be your primary camera.   With the right lenses you will be amazed at the quality and detail it captures.   As a backup camera or travel camera, it fits my needs perfectly.   The added ability to use my current Olympus Pro lenses is a bonus and money saver.  Check out YouTube and watch the reviews.   You will see it is a camera that needs to be added to your stable at full price, but at $499.99 you might be crazy to pass this one up.