Tip Tuesday

Today I am showcasing some software that is free and very useful to a lot of creative types.  Open Broadcast software:  https://obsproject.com/


This is a professional streaming program.  It works on Windows, Mac and Linux.  I have used it to stream live to Facebook and YouTube.  Did I mention it is free.  I will not bore you with the how-to.  I will give you some uses for this software.

  • Create your own commercials insertion points - This is for for the established content creator.  This software allows you to cue-up commercials for your own products during your stream.  Think of it as a place to sell add space that will increase your revenue, or for you to partner and market directly to your audience.
  • Game streamers - You can create or buy overlays that will make your stream more professional looking, and increase your appeal.  These can be set automatically or clicked on when you are live streaming.  Just a little change to add flair and make your stream unique.
  • Product placement - Design and overlay that places the product or the talking points when you are reviewing or discussing a product.   This gives you the effect of a TV show and not just a stream or talking head video.
  • Audience participation - Interaction is key to creating a feeling of belonging for your audience.  You can use an overlay that shows your chat interaction or even an audience member asking question on a video call.

These are just a few options available to you when you are using OBS.  The sky is the limit and only your creativity limits how high your ceiling will be.  This can be a game changer for some streams with great content but aren't very interestingly shown to the public.  Did I mention its free!