Quality lenses


Tip Tuesday

5 reasons why you should buy quality lenses over a new camera body.

Buy quality lenses before buying a new camera body.

Buying the latest and greatest camera is a trap we all fall into at some point in our life.  Whether you're a pro of a hobbyist, shiny things catch our eyes.  We seldom compare what we need versus what the manufacturers tell us we need.

  • Quality lenses will out last a camera body - If you own the same manufacturer throughout your photography career, those quality lenses should last you 30 plus years.  That body may only be relevant 5 years or so.
  • Quality glass will make a bigger impact in your photography - Glass will make you appreciate your camera more.  Items will be clearer and more sharp.  Your creative juices will flow like a raging river.
  • Faster glass gives your more options - The wider aperture lenses will allow you to capture moments in lower light.  Flash is always an option, sometimes you just want to catch the ambiance along with the moment.  The second feature of a fast lense is the ability to create bokeh (blurring out of the background).  This will save you when you background is not desirable.
  • Quality glass allows you to push your camera to the limits - You may be thinking you have outgrown your camera.  The glass is larger and allows more light into your sensor.  Better glass will enable you to push the iso higher, more quality information is being processed.  In my experience, I can almost double the iso when used with pro quality glass.
  • Higher resale value - Glass doesn't drop it's value like a camera will.  After all a new camera gets a better processor and better dynamic range.  We may be at a point of diminishing return at this point in history.  New bodies are mostly new firmware with an incremental upgrade in specs.  Companies like Olympus and Panasonic upgrade the firmware of their cameras, to add new features.

Hopefully this post has helped you see the benefit in purchasing quality glass over a new camera body.  The only way I would recommend a new body is if you need faster shutter speeds, faster continuous frame capability, better video,  or a more robust body (weather sealing, more durable construction materials, etc).  90% of the time you will be better served by better glass.  If you keep the same mounting type, that glass will be with you a long time to come.