Relaxation breeds creativity!

Tip Tuesday

In today's world, everything is immediate.  We never seem to find the time to truly enjoy our surroundings due to the immediacy of life.

A few ideas on creating moments of stress-free relaxation that will breed creativity.

  • Make time for stolen moments of peace - This is the most important duty of being an adult.  We need to bring balance to our lives.  Constantly being on the move will kill your creativity.  You need to make time to re-enjoy your life.  I often take a 15 minute cigar and bourbon break during a hectic day.  I enjoy the quiet alone time a stogie affords me (no one like cigar smoke).
  • Refocus on you craft - Every single living thing on this earth has purpose.  Life blocks and distracts your focus on your purpose.  There are things we all do that just comes natural. These are the wins we take for granted.  Think for a moment how much time. blood, sweat and tears you put into your gift/craft.  Force yourself to refocus often.  Focus spurs creativity in new forms and approaches.
  • Take mini-vacations often - Mini-vacations wipe away rough weeks and quarters.  You are not going to excel at every aspect of life.  Getting away allows you to forget what went wrong and bask in the rightness of your life.  I often find a nice massage and a drive is enough to get the blahs off my shoulders.  Visiting a new city, sometimes 15 minutes away, brings new people and thoughts into your life.  Life is nothing without insight and fresh outlook.
  • Take a class - There many wonderful classes offered at community centers in every city.  Learn to play an instrument. Learn to act. Learn to sew.  Learn to use a telescope and dream of the stars.  Life can become stagnant because we stop learning.  In turn we stop expanding out thought processes and horizons.
  • Join a club - Joining a club will inspire new thought avenues.  Meeting new people presents new opportunities to grow.  Growth always stimulates creativity.  We all have something to learn and teach, no matter our background.  I personally like dinner and wine clubs.  Gives me a chance to find new tastes and try to create them within my photography.  Think about your favorite ice cream, and how it makes your feel.  Now go out and try to capture a photo that embodies that feeling.

Living is made more complicated that it needs to be.  Every day you wake up is a chance to experience something new and exciting.   Turn that excitement into creativity.  Create what you feel.  Create what you see.  Create what you learn.  Create!