Seize the Day


Tip Tuesday

Seize the day.  I know we all have heard this phrase or something similar before.  This is quick story of how not seizing the day and not being prepared changed my life.

Seize the day is not a catch phrase.

I have missed opportunities due to timing and self destruction.  I am not one who believes that situations or events are the faults of others.  Everything is on me.  Let me say that again, EVERYTHING is on me.

About ten years ago, I was returning to Indianapolis after being on a six year photo journey.  I was dating a woman and she convinced me to move to Virginia.  It was a good decision.  I had just put together a photo journal about my travels throughout the United States of America.  I had collect crazy pictures with even crazier stories.  I was shopping to publishers.  I had a few interested with contingencies about the finished product.  No biggie, that is part of life.  Then tragedy hit.

My parents were life transitioning from a house to an apartment, as they were no longer able to take care of the property.  On my way home my camera, backup hard drive, and my laptop were stolen.  I think subconsciously I blamed my parents.  Honestly it was my fault for not having a better setup.  I also made the mistake of putting all my stuff in the same bag.

I had put off writing the book and submitting it.  Maybe I was upset about the suggested changes, or maybe I was not satisfied with the advance they offered.  Either way I didn't seize the day.  I got in my own way and now have an open spot on my bucket list.  To check this one off would take about a year and 30k to finance, in the minimum.  Being married with responsibilities and not being in the same financial space, I have to maybe let this one go.

SEIZE THE DAY, don't worry about the whats. whys nor hows.  Just take the chance and make it happen!