Stress is a catalyst for growth or failure.


Tip Tuesday

Stress is looked upon as a negative, but honestly it is a great motivator.  We as a society have not learned to deal with it correctly.

Stress is the great motivator.

We have all been taught to avoid stress at all cost.  This is a fantasy.  Society has taught us incorrectly once again.  We need to re-evaluate stress.  Stress is not our enemy.  Uncontrolled stress is our enemy.

Think about every stressful moment in your life, did it destroy you or build you?  Stress is a growth motivation when held in the right context.  Your stressful moments are the beginning of a growth period.  Stress will show our weak points in our life.  Take a closer look at those weak spots and fix them, you wont be stressed in that manner again.

Stress is a blessing and an eye opener.  If you are so stressed out you are losing faith, back away from the situation.  Trust the journey and rework the process.  If someone or a situation stresses you out, look internally.  I would be willing to bet that you have encountered them multiple times, because you haven't learned the lesson the universe is trying to teach.  Once again stress is there to provide growth.

I ask you to take a second look at the stress in your life and look for the growth.  Stress is not a detriment when you control how it affects your actions and responses.  Stress is a catalyst for growth when applied correctly into your life.

At the very least, remember this during your next creative project!