Things you shouldn’t worry about.

 Tip Tuesday

Today we look at a few things that you shouldn’t worry about when taking a photo.  These are often the most stressed about things by fledgling and seasoned photographers.  These are the “don’t worry about it” points in photography.

  • Camera age - This is the most misunderstood aspect of photography.  The latest and greatest will not make you a better photographer.  It wont even make you a good photographer.  The best equipment wont create a style that sets you apart from other photographers.  Practice and being able to repeat the results is what will set you apart from the long list of available photographers.
  • Lack of light - People worry about the amount of light in a setting.  There is always available lighting, a lamp, a reflector, or even a small flash is able to create pleasing light on your subject.  This goes back to the equipment, if you don’t know how to use your current equipment then you will be confused by the latest and greatest.
  • Not understanding Light - People come up with elaborate lighting setups.  In the hands of a professional it is used to create mood and style.  In the hands of hobbyist or amateur it creates frustration and horrible pictures.  I am often reminded by p;holographic greats there is one sun.  There is not a need from more than one light to create a beautiful portrait.
  • Buying into the equipment pitch - I have done this myself.  Buying the newest light modifiers, or new piece of equipment can be an exciting time.  Think about what the great Ansel Adams shot with, his pictures have stood the test of time.  All he had was the sun and the fortitude to wait for the perfect shot.  His camera was worse than the cheapest disposable camera today.  Think about that, let it set in!
  • Patience - This is a understated aspect of photography.  We have to practice patience to enable the perfect shot, to enable your growth.  No one gets to be a good photographer. Time and practice is a key aspect of photography, along with study.
  • Immitation - Find a photo you absolutely love.  Imitate it, perfect it to the point where you can do it in your sleep.  Lastly, add your style to the photo.  Now it is yours