Time Changes Passions

It has been a while since I have posted.  I am in the process finding how to regain my passion.  When you make a career from what brings you joy you have to make compromises.  You work becomes less about expression and more about paying your mortgage.  The fact that we all have to compromise ourselves in order to provide for our loved ones.  Every little piece of compromise sours your expression.  I have begun to dream of being commisioned to capture my visions.  I find it way more acceptable to fail in my vision, instead of failing to have your vision match that of the clients.  The key is to create a product and vision that soothes all parties.

When the passion changes, you have to question your place in the system.  Do you break your cog, or do you rebuild your system.  Passion rages and dies all the time.  The key is balance and resolve.  Passion returns when our lives and our paths clear.  Stress kills more than we realize.  This pandemic has changed many lives and many passions.  I pray we all find our ways out of this world wide despair.