Traditional Computer?

Tip Tuesday

Let’s talk about ditching your laptop and desktop for a mobile device.  This is a short experiment that has taken a completely different turn.  I was not expecting much, I was wrong.  Here are a few tips to successfully using only a mobile device for your computing needs.

We all have had the dream of reducing weight and clutter in our lives.  I was tired of working with a big desktop, and  a supposedly light laptop.  The peripherals needed to do my daily work weighed as much as the laptop itself.  Let’s not talking about the decision to get an iMac to do all my work on.   In the last month or so i have been doing more and more on my ipad and transferring work to my IMac to upload and archive.  There are a few things you need to do before you even try this endeavor.  If you can live with a few workarounds and a few caveats you will be free from world of carrying to much stuff.

  • Evaluate your work flow and decide what is really important versus convenient.  Take a long hard look at the processes you do on a daily basis.  I found that most of my process could be duplicated in some form or fashion on an ipad.  There is really nothing “I” can’t do on my mobile device that I can do a laptop or desktop.  Immediate backups of shoots that can be edited on a ride home or during a meal is priceless.  The culling of photos while the day is still fresh is a God gift.
  • Make a list of the programs you need. Remember the commercial “there’s and app for that”, it’s most likely true.  I have the wordpress app that I use to edit this website.  I use Lightroom cc and Affinity Photo to edit photos and deliver them for the client.  There are money management apps, card payment apps, time management apps.  You name it there’s and app.
  • How large of a screen do you need or want.  

    My setup currently

    I love ultra-portable devices.  They help you to work efficiently in more places.  I started with the 9.7 inces iPad.   It was doable, but that screen size wasn’t enough.  Even in landscape mode it was not easy to work with multiple apps in split screen mode.  It took a few days to get proficient and multi-tasking.  I deduced a larger screen was needed, in walks the 12.9 inches iPad Pro.  13 inches is my  minimum requirement for a lapop screen.

  • External monitors can be used if you need a larger screen for certain apps.  You can use an Apple TV in your work space or a chrome cast to mirror your display.  The only caveat is the lack of mouse support in iOS.   This would probably canabalize their entry level laptop market.  I strong hope this will one day be addressed.
  • Storage is limited depending on the device you use.  I admit to being an apple fanboy.  The largest you storage you can get in an iPad Pro is 512, I opted for 256 because I understand I will be off loading files when I am finished editing.
  • Only thing left is to decide if you are going to use cloud storage or a file server.  I chose to reporpuse and 2010 Mac mini.  There are plenty of options for under a $200.00.  You can have a network attached storage device, or simply use an older machine that you were thinking of throwing away.  Attach a couple of external or internal drives is there is space, and you have a simple file server.

It truly is this simple to rid yourself from large power hungry devices to get your work done.  If you look hard enough there is an app for your needs.  If you need a mouse there are the surface tablets and the android tablets.  They each have their drawbacks.  I am an iPad Pro fan for now and that is what i recommend.