You Should Invest in a Camera

Tip Tuesday

In todays cell phone photography world, people dont feel they need a dedicated camera.  Here are 5 reasons why a dedicated camera should be your main means of capturing moments.

  1. Lighting is crucial to photography.  Cell phones do not have powerful flashes.  They can’t be added either.  The smallest point and shoot camera does a better job at lighting a scene, when compared to a cell phone flash.  Some phones still dont have flashes.
  2. Zooming is done digitally on a cell phone.  When you are zoom closer to your subject with your phone your picture is pixelated.  This leads to blurry pictures from an already struggling sensor.
  3. Cropping at the time of editing is not something you will often want to do with a cell phone picture.  The megapixel size is large for such small sensors.  The pixels are crammed together giving you the resemblance of a sharp picture.   Sensor size effects cropping and print size.  Although the megapixel count is high they are very small and dont allow you to crop and enlarge the picture without some quality loss.
  4. Interchangeable lenses are limited, possibly non-existent.  iPhone photography has exploded in recent years.  There has been some quality glass made for iPhones and specialty cases, although they seem to be over-priced.  There are cameras that dont have interchangeable lenses, but their built in lenses are much sharper and of higher build quality than the novelty lenses you will find for a cell phone.
  5.   Sensor size does matter.  You may be able to overcome all the other issues listed.  The sensor size effects low light performance.  The larger the sensor the lower light the camera can shoot in and produce a quality photograph.  Photographers get around this by using flashes.  There is a considerable amount of difference of information captured between a cell phone and point and shoot, that is the reason you cant crop as deeply on a cellphone.  The information difference is the reason you can’t enlarge the photo as large. 

Sensor size matters. Availability of quality glass matters.  There are quite a few factors in why you aren’t satisfied with your cell phone pictures.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a decent point and shoot. Some will fit intoyour pocket or purse, you’ll thank me later.